Dr. Ralph is focused on restoring basic function in the body, mind, and spirit. The word “basic” may bring thoughts of simplicity to mind, however a more accurate definition is one of being essential and fundamental. When using “basic” in the context of the body, it is about restoring the magnificence of the human being. “Basic” for the body is an intricately woven network of the Energetic & Nervous Systems which communicates to and controls every single part of the body down to every last cell. It is the perfect timing of the heart, the balance of each nutrient in the blood at every moment in time, it is the coordination of each muscle to allow us to effortlessly take one step forward. It is also the Perfection of pain, discomfort or disease which is manifested in an effort to Survive.

It takes one step to start your journey towards Health. Health is more than just about the physical body, it is also about the emotional/mental and social capacity of a person. Most people that I work with come in with the goal of “fixing” one physical problem or another, but within a couple months, their ENTIRE lives are different–in all aspects. As you increase health, your creative energy, your vision, your mindset is set free to dream of and accomplish things that it never even thought possible.

By the time the body exhibits back pain, anxiety, unhappiness, headaches, digestive problems, or any other symptom, it has already been fighting for balance—but to no avail. On your first visit, you may be focused on what you can do to get rid of these symptoms. That is our goal as well. However, that is a side effect of OUR primary goal. Our number one focus is to remove the interference in the body, mind, & spirit. Then the body can again function the way it was perfectly designed to. It will heal, regulate, and guide the body back into balance—thus removing the need to exhibit symptoms.

Through the years, we are amazed at the transformations that have taken place within our practice members. It is always miraculous to watch a person heal physically—getting rid of pain, and increasing health. In addition, it is truly awe-inspiring to watch the transformation in people’s lives as an adjunct and bonus to this healing. People are happier, laughing again, spending enjoyable time with loved ones, changing careers, taking steps in their lives that they’d never imagined possible, and most of all, LIVING life again.

We are each born with the inherent right to health and happiness. However, through the choices that we make in the Six Essentials, these gifts may seem inaccessible. Dr. Le Blanc is committed to not only helping you regain balance in the body but also to educating you to possible choices which may be essential in expressing the Spirit that you know you can be. The possibilities await!